Tomorrow Club list of shows 1976

Below is a link to a list of 1976 shows at the Tomorrow Club. The list is rather extensive, but not complete. It was compiled by using information from advertisements in the Vindicator. More annual lists of shows at the Tomorrow Club will follow in the future.

Tomorrow Club shows from 1976

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4 thoughts on “Tomorrow Club list of shows 1976

  1. Mike says:

    Two corrections to this list:

    June 9, 1976 – Regardless of whether The Vindicator billed this show as The Monkees or not, the group that appeared was Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart. And the support act was Dennison Stars, not Dennison Show. I was present that night. Also, I had seen Dennison Stars at other venues.

    July 18, 1976 – I was also present for this show. The support act for The Runaways was The DON Harrison Band. This group had former Creedence Clearwater Revival bassist Stu Cook as a member.

    • What was the Runaways show like? Attendance? Were they nervous? Were they well-received?

      • Mike says:

        I actually recorded this show! Snuck a really crappy tape recorder in. Quality is bad but listenable.

        They seemed pretty confident, as I recall. Reaction was pretty strong, though I should listen again to confirm that.

        I can’t really remember the size of the crowd, but I think it was decent.

        The song that stands out in my mind from the show is “Don’t Use Me,” which I don’t believe they ever actually recorded in a studio version. In fact, within a month, it had morphed into “Don’t Abuse Me.” Same basic song, but a title change, and sung as such on the chorus. A strong song for sure, written and sung by Joan Jett.

        The other, of course, is “Cherry Bomb,” which I guess was kind of their signature song.

      • You have a pretty important historical document in that tape then. Might be worth it to put it online some day. Runaways fans would eat it up.

        Also I corrected the .pdf of 1976 shows.

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