Let There Be Rock

Although AC/DC formed in 1974, it took three years before the band got around to touring the United States. In the summer of 1977, the band hit the club and theater circuit here in support of the Let There Be Rock album. Let There Be Rock was the first of the band’s albums to be made available for purchase in the United States. Several Australian-only releases (High Voltage, TNT and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) preceded this one, yet the band was not playing a lot of the songs that would later become concert staples (most notably “Dirty Deeds” and “TNT”) on this tour.

The stop in Youngstown on August, 21, 1977 at the Tomorrow Club was the 18th date on the summer tour. The CBGB’s house band from 1975 to ’77 Mink Deville was actually given top billing in the ads that ran in the Vindicator in the days before the show.

AC/DC, made up of Bon Scott, Angus Young, Malcolm Young Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams, probably played a very brief set which included the songs “Live Wire”, “She’s Got Balls”, “Problem Child”, “The Jack”, “High Voltage”, “Baby Please Don’t Go” and “Rocker”.

AC/DC would graduate to playing arenas the next year and would release three more albums with Bon Scott on vocals before his death on February 19, 1980.

WHAT THE SHOW SOUNDED LIKE: The very next day, WMMS recorded the concert at the Cleveland Agora. It was later released as the bootleg Burning Balls.

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2 thoughts on “Let There Be Rock

  1. Rob says:

    Hey, I was at this show. Though I didn’t grow up in Youngstown… I actually lived in Beaver Falls, PA… but we would make the drive out once in a while to catch a show at the Tomorrow Club. It must have been something to have grown up in the area. The club always had an amazing way of getting those bands that were on the verge of stardom.

    I can verify that AC/DC was indeed the warm-up band that night. Not knowing anything about them, we were a little confused about the lead guitarist dressed up in his little school boy outfit. (He was stripped down to just shorts by the end of their set.) I recall they were a powerful force and had the crowd on their side within minutes. That’s when I became a fan.

    The other thing that I can tell you is that when the headliner (Mink Deville) came on, they were absolutely dreadful. And after the first few songs, the crowd started shouting out “AC/DC!” The band got a little ticked off, but we didn’t stick around to see if they were going to get better.

    I love your blog. What a nice tribute to the old steel town. Was this only show that AC/DC played in Youngstown?

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