Ted Nugent…putting up his Dukes one last time

Right before his wildman persona fully emerged in the mid-70s, Ted Nugent was in the last stages of fronting the psychedelic rockers the Amboy Dukes when he arrived for a show on November 3, 1974 at the Tomorrow Club . By this time, he was just months away from dropping the Amboy Dukes name and heading out into the wild to produce such hits as “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Stranglehold”.

The Amboy Dukes did release an album in July of 1974 which contained the signature Nuge song “Great White Buffalo”. It was worlds away from the ’60s garage classic “Journey to the Center of the Mind,” though.

Ironically, he shared an ad with the Duke Ellington orchestra here. Dukes were big in ’74, I guess.

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One thought on “Ted Nugent…putting up his Dukes one last time

  1. rss says:

    I remember seeing Ted at the Green around early 71. The Green was a cool club that later became the Inner Circle at YSU. They had inclined floors with shag carpeting to watch the band. Ted was in great form that night, climbing on top of the amps and screaming like a wild man.

    That was in the latter part of his Amboy Dukes career, pre- Catch Scratch.

    I saw him two other times over the next six months, one of which was at the Lake Milton Festival in August 1971. It seems like every time I saw him he had a different band with him. I hear he was a very difficult person.

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