Idora Park on flames … with rock ‘n’ roll

Some choice early ’70s rockers showed up for a gig on August 4, 1972 at Idora Park’s ball park. Judging through the prism of today, Blue Oyster Cult is the one band here who was setting off on the start of a journey of immense popularity. At this point in their career, BOC was just beginning to get into the biker sci-fi schtick that would garner them fans the world over. The Idora show was some eight months after the release of the self-titled first album. It was likely the second show in Youngstown (and Ohio) the band did. Drummer Albert Bouchard has mentioned another gig in Youngstown in October of 1971 in interviews, but I have not been able to find a newspaper ad for that one.

Quicksilver Messenger Service, a psychedelic group from San Francisco, were pulling away from their late ’60s peak. Lots of lineup changes were working their way through the band at this point.

Wishbone Ash, rockers from the UK, were a few months removed from the release of their third – and most popular – album Argus. That album was voted as Sounds magazine’s album of the year for 1972 and was very popular in the UK.

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