List of 1977 Tomorrow Club shows

As promised, here’s another annual list of shows at the Tomorrow Club. This one is from 1977. There’s a bunch of stuff from August missing, but other than that it’s pretty complete. Quality of acts really starts to pick up toward the end of the year with shows from bands such as Rush, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Meat Loaf and Cheap Trick.

List of 1977 Tomorrow Club Shows

P.S. These lists take a lot of time. I’m going to continue doing them, but it may take a few months before the next one (probably 1978) is finished.

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2 thoughts on “List of 1977 Tomorrow Club shows

  1. Ken says:

    Wow…what alot of work…thanks for putting this together. I seen RUSH at the Tomorrow but I can’t remember the year…it was the Farewell To Kings tour so ’77 seems right. I wish I would have seen the Dead Boys then….it was a few years too late before I got into their kind!

  2. Todd Raymond says:

    I played four of the shows that year with New Haven. They were a Beaverfalls PA. band that I played pedal steel with. The shows were (Dr Hook) (Scruggs) ( Commander Cody) (Asleep At the Wheel) Youngstown really rocked and was a spot on the maps. I am sure it was respected as a place to play because of it having such great audiences. Jim Terry Tampa FL.

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