Beatlemania at the movies

Found this picture in the April 17, 1964 edition of the Vindicator. Even though A Hard Day’s Night was just in the process of being filmed in the spring of ’64, Beatlemania was in full swing all over the country, including Youngstown. Notice from the caption how the film was being promoted as an added movie short to the Flight from Ashiya feature. That would change in the summer as A Hard Day’s Night whipped up teenagers (mostly girls) into a frenzy that allowed for tickets of the film to be sold well in advance. The downtown Youngstown theater premier was August 26, 1964 at the Palace (it had appeared in area drive-ins before that date). Tickets were $1 in advance according to ads. Flight from Ashiya was also shown, but it’s anyone’s guess who actually bothered to watch it. For the Palace, its part in Beatlemania was a last hurrah of sorts. The theater closed in November 1964 and was later demolished.

Edit: Commenter Mike pointed out that the Beatles Come To Town was a short film. There was confusion on my part because I did not know the caption was indeed a film title. Also Flight from Ashiya is mentioned with Hard Days Night as a double feature in ads from the time. To set the record straight, here’s the ad for Beatles movie premier in Youngstown on April 29, 1964:

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One thought on “Beatlemania at the movies

  1. Mike says:

    Can’t tell from the wording, but you may be slightly confused. This photo and its caption are actually promoting a “short” (i.e., a film of about seven minutes’ duration) that was entitled “The Beatles Come to Town.” You can view this short on YouTube ( This has nothing to do with “A Hard Day’s Night,” which, as you say, was months away. Thus, “The Beatles Come to Town” was an added attraction to the feature film that is mentioned here.

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