Ace Frehley returns to this planet

Ace Frehley and the rest of KISS famously played one of the first gigs at the Tomorrow Club in 1974, but KISS quickly became too big to ever do another gig in Youngstown. On July 22, 1992, the Space Ace landed in Youngstown once again to do a show at JB’s Lounge. It was the second show of a large several month club tour for Ace and marked the first time in two years that he was out on the road. Frehley was not touring in support of anything at this juncture. His last solo release was in 1989 and he was several years removed from his Frehley’s Comet days. Fittingly it was called the “Just For Fun” tour. Frehley stayed on the road as a solo act consistently for the next four years before the KISS reunion tours began.

WHAT THE SHOW SOUNDED LIKE: Here’s Ace and company playing “New York Groove” from a stop on that tour.

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