Boston takes its first steps

When Boston came to Youngstown for a September 26, 1976 at the Tomorrow Club, the impact of one of the great debut albums in rock history had not been felt yet. Released in July 1976, Boston went on to sell 17 million albums in the United States. The band’s gig here was in support of that album and may have been the first outside of New England for Boston according to some online gigographies.

WHAT THE SHOW SOUNDED LIKE: The next night’s concert in Cleveland was recorded by WMMS.

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3 thoughts on “Boston takes its first steps

  1. Steve Acker says:

    LAW opened for Boston in Cleveland in ’76. Could it have been the show you refer to here? I believe our them was at Richfield Coliseum?

  2. Steve Acker says:

    I hate letting typos slip through.

  3. The show that was recorded on Sept. 27, 1976 was at the Cleveland Agora. Richfield Coliseum date was in November of 76 or early 77.

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