A new era dawns

Rock ‘n’ roll music in America was undergoing a significant change as the ’60s dawned. The original rock stars were in taters. Chuck Berry was battling underage sex charges in relation to the Mann Act. Jerry Lee Lewis was dealing with the fallout from marrying his teenage cousin. Elvis Presley was just finishing up a stint in the military and Little Richard turned his eye to preaching. Those that may have ignited the next wave of American rock music – notably Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens – perished in a plane crash in early 1959. In the radio realm, a huge payola scandal ended the career of pioneering DJ Alan Freed.

So what did American teens turn to? Vocal groups, teen idols, doo-wopers and instrumentals. All of that was evident when Frankie Avalon headlined a pair of shows on January 29, 1960 at the Stambaugh Auditorium. Also filling out the roster were Clyde McPhatter, Bobby Rydell, Johnny and the Hurricanes, The Crests, Freddy Cannon, Sammy Turner, The Isley Brothers, Linda Laurie, The Clovers and Cliff Richard.

Note: A reader named David sent me a color copy of the poster earlier in July. Sorry for the delay in posting it, but it looks good!

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One thought on “A new era dawns

  1. Will says:

    Wow , what a killer show that must have been( except Frankie) even tho I loved Dee Dee Dinah. What gets me is how did Cliff Richard get on this bill. Even tho he was a young star in Engand with The Shadows he was a complete unknown here. Must have had a great agent like Jack Good to book him on this cross country tour. Thanks for posting all these old shows.

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