Dave Clark Five … direct from England

Youngstown wasn’t really a big stop for the major players in the British Invasion in the early ’60s. The explosive impact of the major players like the Beatles and Rolling Stones wasn’t meant for a mid-size Midwestern city since there really was no where big enough to hold the hordes of screaming teenage girls. The Dave Clark Five was not chopped liver though and it managed to play a couple of shows on June 3, 1964 at Stambaugh Auditorium. The band was riding incredible chart success when it hit Youngstown as it had three top 10 Billboard singles to propel a sellout tour of the United States. The band peaked a little more than a year later with the No. 1 hit “Over and Over.”

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One thought on “Dave Clark Five … direct from England

  1. Jac Riblet says:

    Boots Bell as MC,glad that was on the flyer!

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