List of 1975 Tomorrow Club shows

It took a while, but the list of 1975 Tomorrow Club shows is finished. Unfortunately, the list is far from complete like the others I have provided here. The first six months or so must have been a shaky time for the club, since advertising was almost non-existent in print media. I did find out from an article in the Jambar that the club faced legal action in July 1975 because the city wanted to deem it a public nuisance because of disturbances linked to the club’s “Welfare Wednesday”. Despite not really promoting much in local press at the time, the club claimed it served 150,000 patrons through its first nine months. September 4 (dubbed the fall season opener) is when advertising really picked up in the Vindicator. I will start work on 1978 (the final year of the Tomorrow Club) soon. I expect it will take a few months to get that list compiled.

List of 1975 Tomorrow Club shows

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