Rush’s debut in Youngstown

Rush was set to make its Youngstown debut on April 5, 1975 in a big YSU gig which featured Aerosmith and REO Speedwagon. That failed to materialize though as Aerosmith’s Joe Perry injured himself by falling off the stage at a gig prior to the Youngstown date. The concert was rescheduled, but it didn’t include the Canadian rockers.

Rush’s second shot at making a Youngstown debut came on Dec. 21, 1975 at the Tomorrow Club. The major Rush gigography archives on the Internet do not have the band playing here on that date, but it’s promoted as clear as day in the week up to the show in the Vindicator. Rush opened the night before for KISS in at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, so a jot over to Youngstown the night after for a headliner club show makes perfect sense.

Rush was at the end of its “Down the Tubes” tour at this point. Breakthrough success came with the release of  2112 in March of 1976. Rush returned to the Tomorrow Club for a gig on that next tour on March 9, 1976. Tomorrow Club shows on March 3, 1977 and December 5, 1977 followed before the band took off into the arena circuit for good.

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