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Been busy lately, so the updates aren’t going to come as fast as I would like. At this stage of the project, the easy stuff is just about out of the way. Now it’s onto items that aren’t searchable. This is nowhere near as fun as just typing something into Google and getting a hit, so don’t expect any regularly scheduled updates. I’ll come and go as energy levels allow.

In any sense, I’ve got some questions for all of you:

1. The White Stripes allegedly played a show at the Nyabinghi in the late ’90s. Finding a specific date has been a pain in the ass. If anyone has any info on it, let it fly in comments or send me a note.

2. I might be wrong, but I have a hunch that the Jackson Five probably played here during their pre-Motown days (1966-68). Since that era in that group’s history wasn’t well documented, a lead of any kind would be appreciated.

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The stars of 1956

Here’s another one of those “All Star” lineups from the ’50s, I found. Here we have Carl Perkins and Cathy Carr perched at the top of a bill that included Eileen Rodgers, Big Maybelle, The Drifters, The Cleftones, G-Clefs, Otis Rush, Frankie Brunson and Jimmy Rushing on Nov. 4, 1956 at the Stambaugh Auditorium.

I have no idea what the Asian cartoon is supposed to represent.

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