Dead Boys ressurection

Never really completely out of commission until Stiv Bators’ death in 1990, the Dead Boys “reunited” for a gig on Oct. 25, 1986 at Cedars. The band cut the ill-fated comeback recording “All The Way Down/The Nights Are So Long” at Peppermint Studios in Youngstown in the days before the gig (Bators was on a break from Lords of the New Church). Guitarist Cheetah Chrome claimed in his book A Dead Boy’s Tale that the songs sounded like they were recorded in a polka studio (which of course was true). To this day, Chrome says he will not have anything to do with those recordings and admits he has been known to break a record or two if they are ever shoved in his face to sign.

Chrome did say the Cedars gig was one of the band’s best and it played to a full house. The Infidels, who later would actually fill in for missing Dead Boys members in future reunion shows, opened the show. In the run-up to the concert, Bators admitted to a Vindicator writer that the Dead Boys never played here before and made up a story about how the band would be turned away from gigs in these parts because they wore leather and looked like bikers. Pretty much total bullshit, but the writer took the bait anyway.

WHAT THE SHOW LOOKED LIKE: Here’s the band a few days later doing a Halloween gig at the Ritz in New York City:


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3 thoughts on “Dead Boys ressurection

  1. JoanneBest says:

    So glad I found your blog, I was there, at the reunion but more importantly, from the beginning when they first started playing CBGB’s; thank you for saying in one of your posts that Stiv was a sweet guy offstage, without going into detail, I know he was from personal experience, for 2 years, we had a lot of good times together….I look forward to spending more time here, reliving the best years of my life. Thank you! xox

    • Happy to have you on board. Now if I can only carve out time to write more posts. 😦

      • JoanneBest says:

        When you figure out how to find more time to blog let me know lol
        Oh and to clarify, I was at the reunion in NYC, I was just so excited finding a blog writing about the Dead Boys I just jumped right on in… I have a lot of reading to do here but I’m it’s so crazy finding you around the same time as Stivs birthday…. I knew them most in 1977 till the early early ’80s, I was at CBGBs 3 or 4 times a week so yeah, I have a ton of great stories from those days… one of these days I’ll be brave enough to write about everything lol 😉
        Wow, perfect timing too, have you seen the CBGB movie yet? Weird seeing exact shows I was at playing out on the screen! Looking forward to looking around here!

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