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I trashed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame shows page and replaced it with an chronological index of all of the shows I have mentioned here. It’s a much easier way to navigate the site.

Also, I recently edited a very minor Wikipedia article about the State Theater which includes some basic information about the rock clubs that were there.

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Talking Heads close out the Tomorrow Club era

talking heads 12-17-78

A few days before the Tomorrow Club shut down and turned into the Youngstown Agora, the New York City new wave group Talking Heads played there on Dec. 17, 1978. Likely driven to play Youngstown because of their Sire Records label-mates the Ramones and Dead Boys, the future Rock and Roll Hall of Famers slowly establishing themselves as a major critical darling with the release of albums in 1977 and 1978.

WHAT THE SHOW LOOKED LIKE: Here’s video footage of the band playing in Nov. 1978 on the same tour as the Youngstown gig.

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