Lou Reed (1942-2013)


Lou Reed, the famous New York artist/musician/poet, died on Oct. 27 at the age of 71. To my knowledge, his only performance in Youngstown came on April 27, 1978 at the Tomorrow Club.  The show came in between the release of the studio album Street Hassle in February and the live recording Live: Take No Prisoners in May.

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3 thoughts on “Lou Reed (1942-2013)

  1. Bill Kaye says:

    I was at that show and vividly remember people in the audience throwing beer cans on stage. Lou stopped the show and scolded the audience. I think people were pissed he was no longer the “Rock and Roll Animal”.

  2. Murray Davis says:

    I was there and remember him coming on late and playing music that was unintelligible, until the last song Sweet Jane which was barely recognizable. I remember thinking that these are some really messed up people. Than I saw Lou several years later in Cleveland and he was utterly remarkable. I don’t remember people throwing beer cans but I could understand that they would. Funny, Lou played one of the best concerts I ever saw and one of the worst. He will be missed as a major musical force or farce.

  3. Hd says:

    I was there. He did not come on till almost midnight. I assume the venue couldn’t come up with the dough and then he only played around 45 minutes. I assume same reason. Very disappointing. Like Murray later shows were amazing. Tomorrow show crowd was rough. I think the beer can deal was at a Rick Derringer thing which was crazy. Best tomorrow club shows. Al Kooper Firefall (warm up). Elvin Bishop. Michael Stanley during his Ladies Choice years was awesome. Tom Waits.

    It used to get really hot in there as the air never worked. I remember a Scarlet Rivera show it had to be 110. Every one was taking off their clothes and sat is sweat. Al Kooper came on with full make up and wiped it all off after 2nd song. I remember some concoction of Left End being booed off.

    Elvin Bishop had the first remote wireless guitar ive seen. In the middle of the song he got off the stage while he was playing walked up to the bar in the back and grabbed a beer and kept on playing.

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