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Southside Johnny recorded live at Tomorrow Club

In case anyone who wasn’t around at the time wanted to get an idea of what the acoustics sounded like at the Tomorrow Club, I found a Southside Johnny and Asbury Jukes live recording from what I believe to be Sept. 18, 1977. Now, of course, this could be wrong as the show is labeled as December 1977. The historical compilation of shows I have only shows the band playing on Sept. 18, 1977 however. There’s a good chance this show could be later on down the line at the club, but for right now I’m leaning toward the Sept. 18 date (which just happens to be one day before the infamous Black Monday).

(I did have a link to download the show here, but the cyberlockers aren’t reliable anymore. So you’re out of luck for the time being.)


Disc 1

1. This Time It’s For Real
2. Got To Get You Off My Mind
3. Without Love
4. Fannie Mae
5. I Can Tell
6. Love On The Wrong Side Of Town
7. Banter
8. She Got Me Where She Wants Me
9. Little By Little
10. Intro Mr. Popeye
11. It Ain’t The Meat [It’s The Motion]

Disc 2

1. I Choose To Sing The Blues
2. The Fever
3. I Don’t Want To Go Home
4. Havin’ A Party
5. You Don’t Know Like I Know
6. Intro to…
7. Stagger Lee

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