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Rockabilly at Stambaugh

3-15-57 stambaughThere was a time in the late ’50s when country-fried rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll were pretty much in mutual agreement and a fine example of this is the show with headliners Sanford Clark, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins and Sonny James on March 15, 1957 at the Stambaugh Auditorium.

The bill also included a young Eddie Cochran and Roy Orbison. At $2.50 for top tier tickets, it seems like the price was quite the bargain.

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The stars of 1956

Here’s another one of those “All Star” lineups from the ’50s, I found. Here we have Carl Perkins and Cathy Carr perched at the top of a bill that included Eileen Rodgers, Big Maybelle, The Drifters, The Cleftones, G-Clefs, Otis Rush, Frankie Brunson and Jimmy Rushing on Nov. 4, 1956 at the Stambaugh Auditorium.

I have no idea what the Asian cartoon is supposed to represent.

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It burns, burns, burns


October 1967 wasn’t exactly a banner month for Johnny Cash, but he did manage make his way to Youngstown on October 25 for a show at Stambaugh Auditorium. Crippled by drug abuse and craving the hand of lover June Carter, Cash was attempting to right the ship at this point in his life. Carter had threatened to leave “The Johnny Cash Show” in November of that year if he did not seek help for his pill-popping problem. Cash, who in some accounts is said to have weighed around 150 pounds due to his 80 to 120 amphetamine pills-a-day habit, had a few struggles ahead of him before he would marry June in March of 1968.

The show also featured the Statler Brothers and rockabilly legend Carl Perkins. Cash and Carter were riding high on the tails of the duet “Jackson” released in September of that year. It would later win them a Grammy.

WHAT THE SHOW SOUNDED AND LOOKED LIKE: PBS recorded a performance of “The Johnny Cash Show” on September 3, 1967. Here’s “I Walk The Line” from that show.

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