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The failed metal experiment

The Starr Palace (formerly Youngstown Agora, Tomorrow Club) made one last stab at relevance in 1988 and it involved booking regional heavy metal acts. I found a few ads in The Jambar from early 1988 showcasing these rather cheap ticket shows. By early March the ads were gone from the YSU newspaper.

Wretch are a well-known Cleveland metal act who is still active today.

Some of Spoyld’s members went on to form Warrant.


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Will Smith way before movie and TV stardom

As mentioned in other posts, the State Theater location in the late ’80s was all over the place as it tried to hang on in a time when entertainment options were more established far away from the downtown area. One item that jumped out was a show with Kool Moe Dee, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince on September 5, 1987 at the Starr Palace. I’ve seen other mentions of popular hip hop shows being held at the venue around 1987 (Salt ‘n’ Pepa and Kid ‘n’ Play allegedly gigged there as well), but hard evidence is difficult to find. The September 5, 1987 show was like many over the years at the venue in that all were just about on the cusp of stardom. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince were off and running the next year with He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper. Kool Moe Dee’s How Ya Like Me Now was released later in 1987 and successfully pushed his sound into the mainstream.

WHAT THE SHOW SOUNDED LIKE: Here’s some crude footage of the future movie and TV star in 1987.

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